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Monday 4th April -Friday 8th April 2016

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Monday 4th April -Friday 8th April 2016

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Friday 19th-Sunday 21st February

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North East - 3 day Re-treat on 27 Dec 2015 

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New Year 2016 Atfal Fajr Fit 

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North East - 3 Days Re-Treat Event 27 Dec 2015

On 27 December 2015 MAA North East held a 3 day treat for Atfal at Masjid Al Mahdi Bradford.

46 Atfal attended the retreat from Bradford, Keighley, Leeds, Newcastle and Hartlepool with an average of 38 over the 3 days.


The day began with an opening session in which Atfal were explained the purpose of such events which is for them to enjoy themselves but more importantly increase their brotherhood among each other and build their love towards the Jama'at and Khalifatul Masih.


Some of the highlights of the 3 days included:A local sports centre visit in which Atfal had 5 a side Football matches. Team building exercises which involved building a bridge with pieces of sticks, obstacles courses which aimed to increase leadership skills, letter to Hazoor(aba) sessions and finally a day at the local swimming baths..


Each morning began with Fajr, Tilawat and morning exercises.


All Atfal seemed to really enjoy themselves and expressed their desire to have more of these type of retreats.


May Allah bless all the Atfal who attended and increase their bond to the Jamaat and to our beloved leader, Khalifatul Masih





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National Ijtema 2014 Programme and Syllabus

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Teacher Training For Southern Regions

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