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Hertfordshire - Trip to North 19 to 20 February 2016

Majlis Atfal-ul Ahmadiyya Hertfordshire planned a two day trip in the North, whereby it commenced with a trip up to Baitul Afiyat in Sheffield on Friday 19th of February. 22 Atfal and 5 Khuddam/Ansar were involved in the trip. After spending the night in Sheffield and having a light breakfast in the morning, the journey was undertaken to go Manchester via a route which passed through Peak District. This was a nice scenic route through the heart of Peak District and the boys much enjoyed the nice natural beauty of the area. Our destination in Manchester was Old Trafford stadium, whereby we were scheduled for time to spend in the museum, followed by a stadium tour. The stadium tour was much comprehensive as we were able to visit various stadium stands, the changing rooms, the entrance tunnel, the pitch side, the dugout and other historic parts of the stadium. After this splendid tour we made our way to Darul Aman mosque in Manchester. We firstly offered our Zuhr & Asr salaat upon arrival, which was followed by a late lunch. The boys were then permitted time to play badminton and table tennis within the mosque facilities. This was throughly enjoyed by the boys and many didn't wish to leave! Our trip concluded with Maghrib & Ishaa salaat at the mosque before making our return journey back home to the various parts of Hertfordshire region. Alhamdolillah overall a very successful and enjoyable trip for the Atfal from Hertfordshire.


Thursday, 03 March 2016 23:35

Hertfordshire - Luton Baking Class

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Hertfordshire - Luton Baking Class

On Saturday 6th of February 2016, Luton Atfal held a special baking class whereby all tifls baked their very own cookies. All Atfal were firstly demonstrated the steps undertaken to bake cookies before being given the ingredients. A mixture of chocolate chip and double chocolate chip cookies were baked. All the Atfal boys differed in their technique when it came to the mixing and forming of the cookie dough. One particular tifl, namely Intesaar ul-Haq, was very confident and had quickly managed to make a fine ball of cookie dough! After allowing sufficient time to bake in the oven, the cookies were then taken out and either eaten or saved for later by the Atfal. Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyed and unique session held for the local Atfal.


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Hertfordshire - Visit to Children's Ward-Milton Keynes Hospital

On the 18th of December by the Grace of Allah, Khuddam Ul Ahmadiyya and Atfal Ul Ahmadiyya Milton Keynes visited the local children's ward at Milton Keynes hospital to deliver them gifts and toys for the festive season. The preparations for this started several months ago where Khuddam, Atfal and other Jamaat members were requested to donate to some new toys to this great cause. By the Grace of Allah, there was an overwhelming response by members and many good quality toys were donated. Qaid sahib, along with several other members visited the ward to donate the toys. We also donated some small gifts and chocolate to the staff of the hospital, which they were very appreciative of. The staff were also very grateful and praised the fact that we had donated to these toys. We were told that these toys would be very beneficial to the children that would be spending the festive season in hospital. Some of the toys that we donated were very specific learning/sensory toys and again the staff were very appreciative of this. After further discussion with the play leader on the ward we were told that they are still quite short of volunteers. Qaid sahib as well as some other Khuddam members volunteered to be trained as volunteers so they can work as volunteers regularly within the ward. This will become a regular event within Milton Keynes Qiadat Insha'Allah. 

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Hertfordshire - Visit to local food bank-Milton Keynes

On 18th of December 2015 by the Grace of Allah, this month Milton Keynes Qiadat donated a large amount of food to the local food bank. Preparations for this began several weeks ago when our local food bank made a request for food as they were running very low on certain items and the demand during the festive season was very high. Qaid sahib immediately offered the help from Khuddam-Ul-Ahmadiyya and committed to delivering a large amount of non-perishable food items before Christmas. Members of the Jamaat including Khuddam, Atfal, Lajna and Ansar where then requested to donate food and again that wasn't overwhelming response from members. Qaid Sahib accompanied by several other Khuddam and Atfal members, Took these food items to the local food bank. Again they were very appreciative of the fact that we helped out in this time of need. Qaid sahib did not hesitate in offering our help and services in any way in the future. Again, this will be a regular occurrence with in Milton Keynes Qiadat Insha'Allah. 

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Hertfordshire - Luton Atfal Sports and Picnic Day

On Monday 6th of April 2015, the Atfal enjoyed a 'Sports and Picnic' day in Stopsley Park, Luton. The attendance included 5 atfal and 1 Masroor-group tifl. The day begun at around 1pm with a game of cricket, followed by football later on in the day. A picnic lunch was enjoyed at around 3pm which consisted of sandwiches, crisps, chocolates, drinks, and ice cream. Zuhr and Asr prayers were offered in congregation in the park. Overall it was a fantastic sunny day which was thoroughly enjoyed by all atfal.

Friday, 15 May 2015 13:53

Hertfordshire Atfal Fun Day

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Regional Atfal Fun Day - Sunday 22nd February 2015

The Regional Atfal Fun Day took place on Sunday 22nd February 2015 at Noor Hall, in Stevenage. The attendance on the day for was 29 in total, with 20 attending from Stevenage and the remaining 9 from Luton. Regional Atfal nazim and Regional Atfal amoomi, along with Stevenage Atfal nazim and a few other khuddam assisted in the running of the event. 

The day commenced by offering the Zuhr and Asr salaat in congregation at 1:15pm. Thereafter a opening session was conducted by Regional Atfal nazim, whereby the programme of the day and some ground rules in regards to the Fun Day were explained. The tifls were split into two teams, and hence the games commenced. Some of the games that were played included chinese whispers, space hopper race, country quiz and a several more. At the half way point during the games, at around 3:30pm lunch was offered. The food consisted of different types of sandwiches, samosas and crisps, with small desserts of various types being offered afterwards. The games finished at around 5.30pm, whereby Maghrib salaat was then offered in congregation, which was followed by the final session. The final session was conducted by Regional Atfal nazim, whereby prizes were distributed to the winning and runners-up team, along with a brief discussion being held in regards to upcoming events. 


Overall, the day was successful as the Atfal did enjoy themselves. In the future Insha'Allah more events like this have been planned such as ten-pin bowling and a sports day, which will take place in April and May insha'Allah.

Thursday, 30 April 2015 23:55

Hertfordshire - Luton Atfal Test

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Luton Atfal Test - Thursday 26th February 2015

On Thursday 26th February 2015, Luton Atfal had their end of module exam, which was based on all that they had learnt over the past 10 classes. The test was of 3 different levels; beginners, intermediate and advanced. Each tifl was given a test of either of the three levels in accordance to their age and knowledge. The test focussed on the theme of 'the six articles of faith', as well as further questions in regards to Hudhoor's (may Allah be his Helper) Friday Sermons. There were 90 marks in total, with approximately an hour given to all the Atfal in order to complete. 


The Atfal had prepared well beforehand, with mixed responses being received afterwards whereby some tifls stated that they found the test challenging, whilst others found it to be fine. The results will be out soon, with the prize distribution to take place later on towards the end of March Insha'Allah. 

Thursday, 30 April 2015 23:40

Hertfordshire - Luton Parents Evening

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Luton Atfal Parent's Evening

On Thursday 26th of March, for the very first time a Parents Evening was held for all parents in the Luton Qiadat. The attendance included 10 out of a possible 11 atfal, as well as 1 masroor group tifl. In total, 10 parents had attended. The Parents Evening was an opportunity to distribute prizes to the winners of last month's Atfal Test, along with prizes for the tifl's who had done the best homework over the past 3 months. The prizes were distributed by Local President of Luton Abdul Sami sahib, Local Qaid of Luton Nayyar Ali sahib, and Regional Qaid of Hertfordshire Umair Ahmad sahib. The winners were the following:

Atfal Test

  • -1st Place: Kamran Qadeer: achieved 85.0%
  • -2nd Place: Fahim Qadeer: achieved 77.8%
  • -3rd Place: Raseel Rathore: achieved 76.1%

Best Homework

  • -1st Place: Sultan Dawood
  • -2nd Place (joint): Intesaar ul Haq
  • -2nd Place (joint): Ehsaan Khan


Following the prize distribution, a short speech on a few tarbiyyitti points was given by Regional Atfal Nazim, Akbar Butt sahib. The speech firstly alluded to brief feedback from the test, and then went on to discuss topics such as reiterating the importance of good tarbiyyat of children at home, highlighting parent's responsibility as role models and an exemplar for their children, emphasising on especially fathers to talk to their children in regards to all matters in order to ensure an open relationship with their children is maintained, as well as encouraging parents to strike a good balance between their children's school life and spiritual taleem. The overall feedback by all parents was that the evening was very good and appreciated all the effort that is endured for the sake of the Atfal. May Allah (swt) bless all such children and give us all strength to uphold our responsibilities. Ameen

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