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Hertfordshire - Luton Baking Class

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Hertfordshire - Luton Baking Class

On Saturday 6th of February 2016, Luton Atfal held a special baking class whereby all tifls baked their very own cookies. All Atfal were firstly demonstrated the steps undertaken to bake cookies before being given the ingredients. A mixture of chocolate chip and double chocolate chip cookies were baked. All the Atfal boys differed in their technique when it came to the mixing and forming of the cookie dough. One particular tifl, namely Intesaar ul-Haq, was very confident and had quickly managed to make a fine ball of cookie dough! After allowing sufficient time to bake in the oven, the cookies were then taken out and either eaten or saved for later by the Atfal. Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyed and unique session held for the local Atfal.


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