North East - Video Bradford North Fun Day on 26 February 2016

  • Saturday, Feb 20 2016

Bradford North & South Atfal ACctivity Day!

Atfal activity day!!!!

On Saturday 20th February 2016, Bradford North and South Atfal held their activity day.

The Atfal met at Masjid Al Mahdi before setting off together to the Richard Dunns sports centre. The first activity of the day which Atfal participated in was swimming.

The swimming pool was impressive in its size and had huge water slides. The Atfal enjoyed 2 hours of fun filled activities in the pool and on the slides.

Following this Atfal returned back to Masjid Al Mahdi and performed congregational Zohar prayer. Pizza was then given to all Atfal for lunch. This was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

The final part of the day was a presentation given by our Regional Nazim Atfal (Nasir Amini Sahib) about Atfal academy. This was a very interesting talk the Atfal listened very attentively.

The day was very enjoyable and the Atfal were very appreciative especially to our local Nazim Atfal Aosaf Basra Sahib and everyone else who was part of the organising committee.

By Sarmad Anwar Age 11     

(Bradford North)

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