AFL Road to Final 2014

A brief summary of AFL 2014

Alhumdullilah, we have seen the completion of the third Atfal Football League season. Preparation for this season started in earnest many months ago, culminating with a Team Managers forum held on the 27th October to go through the rules, regulations and draw for the group stages of this year’s AFL, whilst also providing these managers to give their views and ideas on how to make this the most successful season to date.

This year masha’Allah, saw 12 teams participating, and with the draw for the group stage having taking place in front of all the managers, 3 groups of 4 were drawn, consisting of Group A) Muqami A, Baitul Futuh B, South and Tahir B; Group B) Tahir A, Masroor, East and Baitun Noor B and finally Group C) Baitul Futuh A, Muqami B, Baitun Noor B and Middlesex, with the AFL season 3 successfully kicking off on the 9th November 2013.

Season 3’s format saw the top 2 teams qualify for the quarter finals, with the 4 best 3rd placed teams going into a separate Plate tournament. This was not the only new format experimented with this season, as the draw for the quarter finals and plate semi finals were broadcast via a live link, giving all participants the chance to view this draw unfold live via an Internet stream.

Masha’Allah, not only have the level and quality of football been of a very high level, but the discipline of these young tifl whilst playing has also been outstanding. I think without doubt the future of Ahmadi football is in safe hands with these youngsters and they can insha’Allah go on and flourish in the IFL in years to come. 

A special thank you must also go out to the team managers who have sacrificed their time and efforts to organise each team, and also to ensure that each team has been prepared and able to participate in this season’s football on a weekly basis.


Raashid Khan

National SeJ Secretary Atfal

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Muzaffar Bajwa

AFL League Secretary

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